Big House Crew

Welcome to the Big House Crew support page.

Our aim is to offer support to our brothers in jail and to provide assistance to their friends and family while they are away.
While we don’t necessarily condone what some of the brothers have done.
Still, we are certainly going to do everything in our power to make their time easier.On this page you will be able to find updates of any Charter Members in the Big House Crew and how to donate money to their legal fees, stamps and paper or help towards legal expenses. While there are some brothers in jail who are guilty by their own admission, we are grateful for those who do not whine about their sentences or fight the powers that be. They are good Men who choose to just get on with it. On the other hand there are Brothers sentenced for crimes they are absolutely not guilty of, sentenced because of the patch they wear, some of them are waiting re-trials, these are very costly and we hope to be able to help where we can. We also try to send money to their commissaries for calls home, food etc. Some Brothers have no work in prison, so no money coming in to buy those little things we all take for granted. Some have fines on top of their sentences so any money sent is cut in half by the prison.

Please write and donate what you can :

Terry Eide
C/O Stony Mountain Institution
P.O. Box 9250
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3W9

Thank you for your continued support
Angels Forever, Forever Angels

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